Treat your loose, sagging skin with Titan® Skin Tightening at Radiant Aesthetics and Wellness

Radiant Aesthetics and Wellness offers innovative and customized skin care treatment options, such as Titan® Skin Tightening for your wants and needs. This is the skin tightening treatment offered at Radiant Aesthetics and Wellness, so that you can achieve the results you desire with minimal down time. The Titan® Skin Tightening skin care services offered at Radiant Aesthetics and Wellness are competitively priced with our patient’s wellness and goals in mind.

Tighten any of the desired skin on your body with the Titan® Skin Tightening treatment

The Titan® Skin Tightening procedure treats loose and sagging skin anywhere on the body including the face, neck, chin, jowls, stomach, arms, buttocks or thighs. The result of the repeated Titan® Skin Tightening sessions will result in a tighter, more toned and resilient skin and a natural lift to the treated area. Patients usually need two to three treatments over a span of six months.

During the Titan® Skin Tightening procedure offered by Radiant Aesthetics and Wellness, the infrared light device is passed over the area to be treated, delivering a series of quick pulses. While the Titan® handpiece cools the surface skin, the penetrating laser heat works to repair weak collagen fibers which the natural aging process and environmental influences have worn down over time. In response to the Titan’s sub-dermal heat, new collagen begins to generate, in a sense called to action to repair the disturbed skin. Some improvement in skin tone and elasticity is immediately apparent and time works to increase the effect. With further Titan® Skin Tightening treatments, the skin grows firmer and appears increasingly youthful and resilient.

Achieve your cosmetic goals with the Titan® Skin Tightening treatments at Radiant Aesthetics and Wellness

At Radiant Aesthetics and Wellness in Evans, Georgia, our board-certified physicians are considered top experts in their field with the most advanced technology available. This includes offering the Titan® Skin Tightening treatment. Our experience with providing the Titan® Skin Tightening skin care treatment to the residents in the Evans and Augusta area is unmatched and we have continued to notice satisfaction with our patient’s results. At Radiant Aesthetics and Wellness, we strive for high patient satisfaction with every Titan® Skin Tightening treatment we provide.

With over 20 years of experience providing medical expertise and administering injectable treatments, our board-certified physicians at Radiant Aesthetics and Wellness in Evans, Georgia can tailor a nonsurgical treatment plan that will give you the most natural and beautiful results possible. To schedule an appointment, call our office to meet with one of our physicians to work towards achieving the cosmetic goals you want.

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